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DeskMail has been designed to be something slightly different, somewhere between self service and fully managed email marketing.

Our brand values from word go, are professional and reliable. The aim of our website is to communicate the capabilities of our platform, which is easy to use and an effective means of business communication.

The majority of our clients are SMEs looking for affordable quality – everyone is looking for the best return on investment.

From our own perspective, working in and appealing to a broad range of sectors can sometimes be challenging as many do not understand the basics of email marketing. However, once onboard, persuading our clients to wait patiently for a template to be designed and their account to be set up before they can send is often our  biggest problem!

Sign up today or take DeskMail for a  free, no obligation Testdrive, Find out for yourself how easily you can use DeskMail to effectively engage your customers. Experience the difference it can make to your business.

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