Use Facebook to Improve your Social Media Marketing

Rather than rushing into using Facebook without knowing exactly why, your business should consider a more strategic approach.

Creating a strategic approach to using Facebook will compliment all other marketing efforts and provide your customers with a valuable online resource. All Facebook marketing requires is patience and consistency. Facebook is another channel to engage your customers and give them the ability to opt-in to receiving your DeskMail email marketing campaigns. Here are some ideas on how to get started using Facebook for your business.

  • Identify your Audience

    Do you know who your customer is? Take time to identify your target customer and research their purchasing habits. Audit how they use Facebook, the type of content they ‘like’ and read, how active they engage online. Once you create your ideal consumer persona you can begin to create your own marketing strategy.

  • Create your Business Page

    Make sure your Facebook page adequately reflects the look and feel of your website. Identify keywords that describe your business and see what type of keywords your competitors are using to describe their business. Your Facebook profile should include those keywords so new and existing customers can find your page.

  • Set Goals

    Set regular goals. Devise your own rhythm for how often you post and at what time you post. Know the type of content to post. Will you be posting articles, photos, videos or all of the above? For example if you have a company blog, you can post the links to your Facebook page. Setting goals will set the pace for your success and achieving smaller goals will keep you motivated and focused.

  • Enlist Page Administrators

    Facebook page maintenance does not need to be restricted to one person. Get your employees or team involved! Having more than one voice will keep your content diverse and personal.

  • Create a ‘Places’ Page

    If your business has a physical location, use the “Check-In” feature to claim its “Places Page.” Your customers will then be able to “check-in” with their mobile devices, which will automatically post to Facebook, letting all their friends know that they support your business. Best of all, it provides free advertising!

  • Email your Subscribers!

    Once your business page is up and running, email your subscribers. Let them know that ‘liking’ your page will give them access to special events, promotions, and insider tips and tricks. Promote the exclusivity and how your Facebook page will add value to your customers.

  • Promote Your Page

    Many people create fantastic Facebook business pages and then forget to promote them. Do not make that mistake! Add Facebook links to your emails, add like buttons to website, blog or any banners marketing campaigns. You can also promote posts to your friends and friends of friends so get more views and likes.

  • Monitor your Success

    All Facebook business pages are equipped with an analytics feature called Facebook Insights. Insights is available to page administrators and is a simple way to track customer engagement and post success. It’s important to look at views, Regularly check Insights to see how your page is performing and make adjustments where needed. Two insights that you should pay attention to day-to-day are “Lifetime Likes” and “Lifetime Total Subscriptions.” This will show you if your potential customer base is converting or not.