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Use Facebook to Improve your Social Media Marketing

Rather than rushing into using Facebook without knowing exactly why, your business should consider a more strategic approach. Creating a strategic approach to using Facebook will compliment all other marketing efforts and provide your customers with a valuable online resource. All Facebook marketing requires is patience and consistency. Facebook is another channel to engage your customers and give […]

ROI – The Features & Benefits of Email Marketing

Like any smart business owner, you want to know the benefits of email marketing. There’s a whole list of benefits, which we’ll cover here, but one of the most compelling reasons to use email marketing is its return on investment (ROI). According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing brings in about R40 for every R1 you spend. […]

Planning your Content

An Email Is Not a Website We tend to think of websites as being an online storefront, in that people actively come to our site, whether directly, by searching, or by following a link. When a visitor comes to our website, they normally have some idea already about what they’re expecting to find. Visually, the […]

Why Email Marketing?

When Oprah has 16 million Twitter followers, and your mother is waiting for you to accept her friend request on Facebook, surely we are officially in the age of Web 2.0? Perhaps not. In 2011, roughly 43% of online adults used social networking sites everyday. However, email proved to be more popular still, being the daily […]